Hi, thanks for visiting. This used to be my main website back when I mostly made stained glass. I also have spooky and silly songs I wrote and recorded, and some video projects I did.

Nowadays painting is my main focus, so I have a big 'ol link to my painting site on the left there. To the right are the contents of this site.


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Spectral Creations: Stained glass, gothic-ish art, short films and music by Airn Lebus

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07-09-09: Radical overhaul of site underway. I do not really update this site any longer, but am loathe to totally delete it. The main site I update is chromaticblack.com, my painting blog.

04-02-09: I'm making some major changes to the site and deleting a lot of old junk...

05-16-08: I started a new blog where I show my oil paintings and talk about the painting process, maybe a few tips and etc - chromaticblack.com. Check it outt :B

I've also started updating and revising darkandcreepy.com with more dark and creepies for your amusement.

01-28-08: I don't update this much lately, but I do put most of my new stuff on my MySpace pages.

04-28-07: I finally posted the Eye In Hand stained glass I made in October.

03-04-07: new song "Undead Nation". This one is metal! Zombies and ghouls, skeleton legions, lurking in the dark - we're an Undead Nation. Thanks to Opeth and Arcturus for keeping me inspired with FATTY METAL ACTION.

01-09-2007: new song "The Well" is up (finally). It's Lovecraftian! Is it deathrock? You decide...I hope you say yes, though.

Spectral Creations is the name I use since the art I create is usually somewhat dark and creepy or of the sort of gothic art variety. I also create music of various styles including a sort of creepy rock and other visual artworks such as video (i.e. short "films") and 3D renders, drawings, and photos.

The "films" tend to be either creepy, funny, or both. I love the creepy/silly mix, i.e. the Oingo Boingo / Munsters / Tim Burton sorta feeling.

Check out the gallery for my stained glass, and maybe download an MP3 or two to listen to while yer looking around :)

In the gallery you can see stained glass like my Ouroboros / Seal of Solomon and a little tribute to the master HP Lovecraft , as well as creepies like a stained glass graveyard. Actually, two stained glass graveyards :)


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