music i made. click on a title for lyrics, info, and to download an MP3.
Also u can listen at my spectra mori myspace account.
the well - dreams of darkness calling, falling through the stars. inspired by the writings of h.p. lovecraft. finished on 01-09-07.
dark times - this is from around 1999 and was inspired by the game Thief. with rusted steel and grinding gear wheels, it feels like a dark and creepy snowy city at midnight.
cellar - OK, now this song i really did write just for you. 2 minutes of morbid creepy lovey dovey. if someone sang this song to you, you might enjoy it if your name was morticia. re-recorded 05-02-04.
zombie - awkward steps in the night...worms slide away in fright. It's about a zombie, and I wrote it just for you. the organ at the end has been known to make chicken bones get up and dance, briefly. recorded 11-14-04.
undead nation - my first full metal song. as per my usual it is about zombies and such, it's got the usual epic guitar solo, groaning, some singing, then some more groaning and screaming. oh, and there is a creepy part somewhere in there. finished on 03-04-07.

billy hugo (download mp3) - part of the "Songs from CJ" collection, here's song i wrote about a co-worker of mine. it's metal. you love metal, so listen to it. i appear to get very angry at the end of the song for some reason. beware the finger-tapping at the end.

activation coordinator (download mp3) - another from the "Songs from CJ" collection. This time it's a punkish rock song (sorta). I recorded it on my lunch break, which explains the "lyrics". at least the solo is pretty cool, and i even use the whammy bar. i did this right after i got my new jackson guitar which i now play metal on because it feels good.

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